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Chinese students collect oral evidence of Japanese WWII germ warfare January 11, 2007

Posted by David in North-East Asia.

According to a January10, 2007 Xinhua story “Sixty college students in east China will soon begin collecting oral evidence from victims of germ warfare launched by Japanese troops during World War II (WWII), which may be used in future lawsuits against the Japanese government.”

Despite the fact that I believe germ warfare is a particularly nasty way of attacking your neighbors, and I truly sympathize with the victims, one has to question this endeavour. Especially when there is talk of lawsuits.

The report goes on to state (and I trust no one can disagree), “The surviving victims’ stories need to be written down before it is too late, says Wang Xuan, a lawyer representing people who suffered in the atrocity.”

Still I ask, why bother with lawsuits?

It’s been 60 years. Time does funny things to a person’s memory, and we all know there has been exaggerations on both sides of the Japan/China WWII issue. It’s now time for China to go on and leave the past behind.

Although it is good to record the stories, so that no one ever forgets, keeping feelings of hate alive (they always surface) for the sake of lawsuits is ridiculous, and gets in the way of building a closer relationship between China and Japan’s younger generations.



1. jarring taxpayer - October 20, 2007

Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens Against stupidity the (very) gods themselves contend in vain — Friedrich von Schiller

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