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China Prepares For Space War January 19, 2007

Posted by David in North-East Asia.

Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer recently stated that, the United States should be optimistic about China, work on its ties with Beijing and not exaggerate the dangers of the rise of the Asian giant.

A rising China isn’t necessarily a danger to America.”

Despite Chinas use, last week, of a ground-based medium-range ballistic missile to destroy a weather satellite, I tend to mostly agree with the foreign ministers comment.

However, as noted in todays BBC News story relating to this event, Japans chief cabinet secretary, Yasuhisa Shiozaki, brings up a couple of good points, but mostly applicable to the region.

He said, “We are concerned about it firstly from the point of view of peaceful use of space, and secondly from the safety perspective.

Okay, space junk flying around the planet cant be good. The last time this sort of thing occurred was in 1985, when the US destroyed a satellite and, as printed in a January 19, 2007 International Herald Tribune report, the last trackable debris took 17 years to clear out. And according to American Aviation Week and Space Technology, this latest move could have left “considerable space debris in an orbit used by many different satellites”.

As a matteroffact, These tests were halted over concerns that the debris they produced could harm civilian and military satellite operations.

Putting safety concerns aside (from the debris that is), although China is not a threat to America, it can definitely be a threat to the neighbourhood. Of course, it means others (meaning Japan) in North-East Asia will respond in the fashion they think best.

An act of this nature does nothing to lower suspicions Japan has over Chinas intentions in the region. While the technology is not new, it does underline the growing capabilities of China’s armed forces, mentioned BBC News. China can now shoot down spy satellites operated by other nations, and lets not forget other non-military satellites too.

Think of the potential chaos which would result from the destruction of a few communication satellites serving Taiwan and Japan.

It doesnt take a genius to read between the lines. The Chinese may not want to rule the world but they do want to rule Asia. This kind of muscle flexing is a sure sign.

Keep the following in mind “This is the first real escalation in the weaponization of space that we’ve seen in 20 years,” said Jonathan McDowell, a Harvard astronomer who tracks rocket launchings and space activity. “It ends a long period of restraint.” It also starts a new chapter in regional relations.



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