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Nanjing Massacre: Myth January 25, 2007

Posted by David in North-East Asia.

No doubt an upcoming film by Japanese director, Satoru Mizushima, (if it is ever released) will get the Chinese all upset again, and once more well be swamped with completely exaggerated tales of Chinese people being viciously victimized by the evil Japanese, during the Second World War Over 60 years ago.

Im not saying certain atrocities did not occur while China was under Japanese control, but we all know that the Chinese government enjoys adding its own spin to history. And that is why, according to a January 25, 2007 Japan Times article, the film is being planned. To “strike back against an erroneous understanding of history.

Mr. Mizushimas goal (and supporters such as Upper House members Hirofumi Ryu and Jin Matsubara, Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara and journalist Yoshiko Sakurai) is to stop the on-going China/Hollywood fictional version of what happened from becoming an established fact. 

The director believes he has a responsibility to spread a correct understanding of history, without spreading anti-Chinese ideology. Can we ever expect the same from the Chinese side?

Keep an eye out for, “Nanking No Shinjitsu” (The Truth About Nanjing).



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