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Japanese Birth Giving Machines January 29, 2007

Posted by David in North-East Asia.

It sounds like a bad movie, or some far off humanity-saving invention, however it is nothing more than the idiotic comments of, Hakuo Yanagisawa, Japans Health Minister.

No, it wasnt a small joke to make an uncomfortable topic easier to approach. Nor was it a fumbled speech. It was all real, and intentional. I read about this in a January 29, 2007, BBC News story, and I must admit I wasnt surprised.

Despite all the great things about Japan, its people and culture, the fact remains that Japanese society is still quite backwards when it comes to women related issues.

According to the article, Japan’s prime minister has rebuked his health minister, and warned the minister to be more careful. What exactly does that mean? Be careful, dont say that kind of stuff in public?

Whether or not one says such things, in public, is irrelevant. What matters is how they truly feel (and believe) about these matters. As long as the Japanese people continue to think that way about women, problems like low fertility rates will go on.

One day a (baby-making) birth-giving machine may actually be needed.



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