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Boosting China-Japan Ties Chinese Style February 5, 2007

Posted by David in North-East Asia.

According to a 05-02-2007 China Daily story, China is aiming to advance ties with its powerful, and democratic North-East Asian neighbour, Japan. “Vice President Zeng Qinghong on Monday pledged to further advance China-Japan ties.”

Zeng stated that it was “the common responsibility and historic mission of governments, parties and statesmen in the two countries to improve China-Japan ties.” Of course, this is true, and beneficial for both countries.

However, while these good intentions are being expressed by the Chinese, Japanese officials reported (Japan Times 05-02-2007) that “a Japan Coast Guard patrol vessel detected a Chinese research ship Sunday morning within Japan’s exclusive economic zone”(EEZ).

China’s ship was “seen operating some 30 km west-northwest of Uotsuri, the main island of the Senkaku group in the East China Sea.” This area, clearly belonging to Japan, is near the group of islands, claimed by Taiwan and China.

For China to have a ship operating in Japan’s EEZ without first seeking Japan’s approval, no matter the reason, demonstrates its true intentions towards Japan/China ties. Especially when you consider that they are violating “an agreement under which each country is to give advance notice, of such activities, to the other”.

I guess when Zeng went on to say, “China would like to step up exchanges and cooperation with Japanese parties and friendship organizations,” he was thinking more along the lines of hooking up with Japanese folks like those of Yamaha Motor who (also in a Japan Times 05-02-2007 story), in 2005, “tried to export a remote-controlled helicopter with possible military use to China without government authorization.”

These are the same people who previously “sold seven or eight unmanned helicopters to Chinese companies without government permission”. This advanced type of UAV (in this case, a remote-controlled helicopter) can be used “to spread chemical weapons or for other military purposes.”

Yamaha was helped by a Tokyo-based trading company run by a Chinese resident… Could this be what Zeng meant by “friendship organizations” and “exchanges”?



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