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Warming Straits February 7, 2007

Posted by David in North-East Asia.

Certain academics in Taiwan are claiming that “China’s willingness to accept the return of illegal immigrants from Taiwan is a sign of warming cross-strait relations”. Referring to the recent deportation of  “152 illegal Chinese immigrants”, Liao Yuan-hao and Huang Kwei, professors at National Chengchi University, said that this type of action, on the part of China,  was to be taken as a “sign of good faith.”

The 07-02-2007 Taipei Times article goes on to mention that persistent “communication with China had resulted in Beijing’s respecting Taiwan’s sovereignty in the case of deportation operations.”

Maybe so, but as Bernard Cole, a professor at the National War College in Washington, recently stated, Taiwan “faces a great military threat from China” and he warned the nation that it “should never neglect this factor.”

Taiwan may desperately want better ties with China, and certain individuals may be too willing to see hope in acts like the deportation cases, but the fact remains China has stated, more than once, its willingness to use force against Taiwan if it formally declared independence or moved too much down that particular path.

Just watch the language that will come out of China once Taiwan begins its “campaign aimed at promoting the nation’s participation in the UN under the name Taiwan.”

China’s so-called Anti-Secession Law, and 900 + missiles currently pointed at Taiwan, should clearly demonstrate China’s true intentions towards Taiwan. Furthermore, “intelligence reports show that China was to establish contingency-response combat capabilities by 2007, reach combat capability for large-scale military engagement by 2010 and ensure victory in a decisive battle by 2015.”

Are those cross-strait relations warm enough for you?



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