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China’s Policy Toward Japan February 16, 2007

Posted by David in North-East Asia.

This coming Spring, the Chinese Prime Minister will “deliver a speech to the Diet detailing Beijing’s policy toward Japan”. A Japan Times (Friday, Feb. 16, 2007) story mentioned that according to China “there are three main pillars for Sino-Japanese relations: to cement the base of the two countries’ political ties, including issues related to history; to recognize each other as a diplomatic partner; and to maintain friendly relations to contribute to peace and stability in Northeast Asia as well as the whole world.”

Encouraging words!

Another encouraging bit is (Taipei Times 16-02-2007) Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing’s comment that China “understood Japan’s concerns over North Korea”, and it would co-operate. I’m not sure what form of co-operation they have in mind but in return, the Japanese are asked for “understanding over China’s satellite-killer test last month.”

All-in-all the warming relations between China and Japan is good news. Even more good news is that in his upcoming trip to Japan, Prime Minister Wen will “bring ideas to Tokyo on how to resolve one of the most bitter disputes between the two nations — how to mark the maritime border in the gas-rich East China Sea.”

The Japanese may hope for something like this… China realizes that the area in question belongs exclusively to Japan. Therefore, China will no longer attempt to lay claim to it, in exchange China would appreciate a steady supply of gas from said area, at a reasonable price.



1. Shingen - February 17, 2007

Regarding China and their cooperation with Japan’s concerns about North Korea, this is not new as China did give its blessing for Japan to pursue the abduction issue in the Six-Party Talks. We can see the result in the abduction issue working group at the current round of talks. The question is, what more can it do? Put pressure on the DPRK? I’m unsure. What I do know is that China is getting its act together (likely to be the topic of an upcoming post).

As for the Senkakus, I don’t think the situation will change much. Japan’s territorial issues just seem intractable, and with energy and its rights at stake, neither side will let go easily.

Great summary of the issue though, thanks!

2. canexafish - February 18, 2007

I didn’t realize China had already said it would support Japan in terms of the abduction issue. They certainly don’t make a habit of mentioning North Korea’s abduction of Japanese citizens often. Thanks for the information.

I look forward to reading your upcoming post on China. I’m interested in reading your views on the matter.


3. nuke - February 18, 2007

I appreciate your efforts here. Thanks for your blog.

4. Anna - March 17, 2007

Can u add information of Tourism in Japan? Thanks for your blog. regards

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