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Humiliation February 22, 2007

Posted by David in China.

The ongoing love-fest with China’s economy and its potential has been getting on my nerves lately. Yes, it’s true that China will be a super-power one day, and it is also true that their economy is super-hot at the moment. It’s a capitalist’s wet dream.

However, I just thought I would take the time to remind people of the obvious, that China is still a very repressive, Communist (ish) state, unwilling to address its human-rights record, and in many ways absolutely backwards in the methods they use to run the country.

The latest example that comes to mind is (China Daily 16-02-2007) the public humiliation of two boys which recently took place in China. Municipal bylaw enforcement officers in Chongqing (South-western China) “stuck confiscated paper advertisements all over the bodies of two boys and paraded them after they were found dispensing the ads” throughout the city.

Now although there was public outrage, the fact remains that this type of punishment occurs frequently in China.

On December 8, 2006 The International Herald Tribune reported on “Shenzhen’s public humiliation of sex workers”. It was actually broadcasted on television, “a chilling flashback from 30 years ago.”

“In this case prostitutes and a few pimps, were paraded in front of a jeering crowd, their names revealed, and then taken to jail without trial.” Were these people “sent to work camps for re- education?”

That particular throw-back to the Cultural Revolution also met with opposition from the people who expressed “their outrage at the incident in one online forum after another.” Still I doubt the authorities pay much attention to online forums, or to what the people want in general.

My point?

All financial benefits aside (as great as they may be), the free-world should never forget exactly what type of people govern and impose rules, and regulations in China.

There is great potential in China, but they have a long way to go.



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