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Japanese Officials Apologize March 15, 2007

Posted by David in Japan.

The cherry-blossoms will bloom three days later than originally forecasted by Japan’s Meteorological Agency.

According to a 14-03-2007 story in the BBC News, “predicting when the cherry blossoms will bloom is one of the Meteorological Agency’s most closely-watched tasks and this year they got it badly wrong.”

“We have disturbed those who relied on our information,” they said, “and we apologise deeply.”

I won’t really get into the details, but one of the things I really find interesting about Japan and its culture in general are things like this fascination with the little pink flowers.

I understand “the appeal of the cherry blossom is said to be that the flowers remind people that life is short and should be enjoyed”, but I just don’t think it’s a big deal.

Maybe it’s just the Western part of me talking, but you would never see such a big fuss made by Canadians if the Maple Syrup season was ever delayed by a few days or so.

However, the article does mention the season “is also an excuse for a party. Salarymen and office ladies, as they are known here, get drunk under the trees each night until the blossoms fall.”

Okay, I guess I’m starting to understand.



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