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The DPRK Way March 22, 2007

Posted by David in North-East Asia.

The headlines in many of today’s media sources look like this… “No progress at North Korea talks” (BBC News), “North Korean nuclear envoy abruptly leaves talks” (CTV News), “North Korean nuclear talks break down” (China Daily) and even “Abduction issue may cripple 6-way talks” (Asahi Shimbun).

Although there are more than one reason for North Korea to leave the talks, blame is being passed around from the US to Japan to North Korea. Either way, the DPRK’s abrupt departure shouldn’t surprise anyone at all. It’s the DPRK way.

According to the BBC News story, “Six-nation talks on North Korea’s nuclear programme have ended without progress after its chief negotiator flew home amid a row over money.

The Beijing talks stalled after Pyongyang refused to discuss a deal to disable its nuclear facilities until it recovers $25m held in a Macau bank.

The transfer of the money has been delayed due to unexplained problems.”

The Russian envoy, Alexander Losyukov, simply blamed the Americans (of course) and said (China Daily) “the United States failed to assure the Chinese side that the Bank of China could receive the funds, which were linked to a counterfeiting and money laundering investigation, without fear of facing US sanctions or a negative attitude from the banking community and the US government.”

However, as reported by the Asahi Shimbun, “the major hurdle to further progress has increasingly become how to resolve the issue of Japanese nationals abducted by Pyongyang.

Host China as well as the United States and Russia are urging North Korea and Japan to engage in more constructive debate.”

Will Japan and North Korea ever meet in the middle on this issue? I doubt it.

As a matter of fact I believe Japan should stock up with even more Patriots (Asahi Shimbun 19-03-2007) than originally planned, because in a few years North Korea will once again shock the world when they successfully demonstrate that they can arm their missiles with nuclear war-heads. It’s the DPRK way.

At that time, the world will wake up after years of “being nice” to that so-called state and realize that none of it (talks, concessions, aid packages) served to benefit the Region.

When that day arrives, Japan will be in even greater danger of being on the receiving end of North Korean aggression, than it is today. That is why they should do what ever it takes to protect themselves and their interests.

Of course, I could be completely wrong. ‘Dear Leader’ could die abruptly, and the next-in-line could actually want to do the right thing for the North Korean people.



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